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We offer molecular cocktails and molecular cocktail shots that are prepared by using the equipment and techniques of molecular gastronomy. Our cocktails are mixed differently than before, we use NATURAL TEXTURIZERS to create NEW FLAVORS, FEELS and SURPRISING PRESENTATIONS.Technically, we change the consistance of the cocktail, shape the drink into spheres with soft and thin […]

About Us

Mission We provide cocktail catering service for special events or private parties and offer profit maximizing opportunity for bars, clubs. Our ambition is to introduce the LATEST TREND in the world of cocktails to people, to make their drinking experience more exciting and to get bigger customer satisfaction, thereby geting the event organiser or club […]

EGYES – London Girls

LONDON GIRLS After an amazing start in Puerto Banus – Marbella now we have arrived in London and are recruiting HOSTESSES for our special catering service business. We offer a nice and easy and very entertaining job that will be carried out in one of London’s most prestigious clubs. Good commission and tips are payed, […]

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