We provide cocktail catering service for special events or private parties and offer profit maximizing opportunity for bars, clubs.
Our ambition is to introduce the LATEST TREND in the world of cocktails to people, to make their drinking experience more exciting and to get bigger customer satisfaction, thereby geting the event organiser or club owner more satisfied.

Company Overview
Shaken or stirred? Well, that was the question in the good old times.Let us introduce you to the latest trend in the world of cocktails, the molecular cocktails.
But what are they exactly?
Fundamentally, they are cocktails which are made either entirely or partly using the new equipment and know-how of molecular gastronomy. Mixologists are using special ingredients, natural texturizers with no chemical additives to create new flavors, feels and visuals that enrich the drink and make your drinking experience more interesting.
The texture of the cocktails is changed, shaped into spheres that looks like a cocktail bubble with gel-like skins which burst in your mouth and then release their liquid centre giving you an unforgettable new taste experience.

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