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The advantages and services of Pearlshots

* Unique and eye-catching presentation,

*  We provide spectacular-looking hostesses for events,

* We offer a wide selection of innovative cocktails on futuristic lit displays,

*  No need of big preparation space at the venue (staff friendly),

*  Everything is delivered fresh and ready to be served ,

*  We offer profit maximising opportunity for clubs ,

*  We have extensive international experience,

*  The visual appearance of the Pearlshots trays and the cocktails’ colours can be designed for your venue’s or company’s image, on demand

*  It is an exclusive service and extra show,

*  Pearlshtos is a great idea to hold your guests spellbound whether you organise a wedding, private or corporate event, a promotion or conference



( For more information or bid please send an e-mail to info@pearlshots.eu or call us. To provide you with the most precise offer, please write us about the nature of the event you are organising, its date and the estimated number of guests.  )