about us


Pearlshots is a unique cocktail catering service, inspired by the molecular gastronomy. Disengaging from the stereotypes made up on modern gastronomy, our cocktail pearls are served and delivered to you differently from usual trends.
Pearlshots cocktails are served on spectacular displays and by hostesses in magical costumes. Our cocktail pearls and pearl shots will make any event unforgettable, whether it is a wedding, a birthday party, a promotion or corporate event.
This is the latest trend in the world of cocktails and our ambition is to surprise and amaze the customers with never-seen or tasted cocktails and to make their drinking experience more exciting.


Based on our 2 years of product testing we can claim that the molecular or modern gastro-experience impressed our customers, aroused their curiosity for a special novel product. Due to the original serving and exclusivity of Pearlshots, customers may have a new and exciting drinking experience both in cities and holidays resorts.